Why Do Good Places to Eat Dinner Go Local?

good places to eat dinnerAre you looking for good places to eat dinner that feature locally sourced ingredients?  These days going local is something that a lot of people value.  Denver is a city where people really care about supporting local businesses and you’re going to find local products used at all the best establishments.  So why exactly do restaurants care about using local products?  Here’s just three reasons why good places to eat dinner go local.

  1. Locally grown food tastes better. Good places to eat dinner know that local = flavor.  Over time sugars turn to starches and plant cells shrink causing produce to lose its taste and vitality.  Because local produce hasn’t traveled a great distance it’s fresher and hasn’t lost its flavor.
  1. Local produce is better for you. Studies have shown that produce loses nutrients over time.  Often canned or frozen produce that has been processed immediately after harvest is more nutritious than old produce that has been languishing in trucks for a week.  If your produce was grown down the street from you and was picked yesterday, you’re getting more nutrition.
  1. Supporting local businesses is good for the local economy. When we buy cheese, meats, produce and more from local farmers and artisans we keep money in our community.

The Nickel is proud to support many fine local businesses like Grateful Bread, Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe, and Buckner Family Farms.  We know that their quality products not only impact the overall quality of our food, but our community as well.

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