Searching for Good Places to Eat and Drink Near Me?

good places to eat and drink near meIf you were to search the internet for good places to eat and drink near me, you would likely get a long list of recommendations.  How do you go about deciding which place to go?

A 2015 study conducted by the National Restaurant Association determined seven key factors that people use when choosing a restaurant.  Here is what they found.

  1. Healthier options. People are paying more attention to the overall nutrition of their food and they want healthy choices when they search for good places to eat and drink near me.
  2. Eco-friendly dining. Diners are taking the eco-friendly practices of the establishment into consideration.
  3. Technology.  Features such as smartphone apps and self-service kiosks are becoming an important consideration.
  4. Quality, innovative food. Nine out of ten customers say the quality of the food is an important factor in their decision.  People are also looking for food that they can’t make at home.
  5. Local foods. Locally sourced products continue to be at the top of the list of deciding factors, a growing trend.  This is something we are very passionate about at The Nickel.
  6. Ethnic cuisine. People are more likely to dine out for ethnic cuisine, rather than make it at home.
  7. Mobile options.  The popularity of food trucks continues to rise.  47% of people reported that they patronized a food truck last year.

We hope that when you search for good places to eat and drink near me, you’ll turn to The Nickel.

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