Chef Russell Stippich

Russell Stippich_The NickelRussell Stippich, Chef de Cuisine

Russell Stippich moved to Colorado from Wyoming in 2010 and began working at Frasca Food and Wine. After two and a half years working at Frasca, training under Brian Lockwood, Jared Sipple, and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson He felt it was time to explore other styles of cuisine. He moved to Denver in October 2013 to open Acorn and work with Chef Steve Redzikowski. As Chef de Cuisine, Chef Russell Stippich has helped lead a team of talented chefs to being named Best Hotel Restaurant in Denver by Westword Magazine in 2018 and also Best Hotel Restaurant in Colorado by MSN in the same year. Russell is constantly introducing new ideas, ingredients, and techniques that improve the dining culture of Denver, and Colorado as a whole and we look forward to welcoming you in to preview his curated menus soon.