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What Are Your Favorite Denver Bars on Friday Night?

Denver bars on Friday nightYou’ve had a long week and you’re looking forward to unwinding with friends at your favorite Denver bars on Friday night.  Where do you like to go for a few well-deserved cocktails?  Are you a fan of dive bars or do you prefer to frequent the hip and trendy spots in town?  Do you have a favorite haunt where they know your name and drink?  Or do like to check out new places all the time?

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we think that the Barrel Bar at The Nickel should make your list of favorite Denver bars on Friday night.  Or any night of the week, for that matter.  We offer Social Hour every day from 4 until 6 p.m.  Come and enjoy some great specials on cocktails and small bites.  Our convenient location inside the Hotel Teatro makes us a great meeting spot for those who live or work in the downtown Denver area.

Even if you can’t make it to Social Hour, the Barrel Bar is always a great spot to relax with a cocktail, either solo or with friends.  We’re known for our inventive menu of barrel aged cocktails.  Our talented bartenders come up with unique creations and age them in oak barrels on-site.  This extra step really develops the flavor and character of the cocktail.  Our full restaurant menu is available in the bar so you can relax with dinner or perhaps build your own charcuterie board.  Visit us soon and we know you’ll add us to your list of favorite Denver bars on Friday night.


The Best Denver Bars for Barrel-Aged Cocktails

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Good Places to Eat and Drink Locally

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Tipsy History: The Bloody Mary

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