Why Do Good Places to Eat Dinner Go Local?

Are you looking for good places to eat dinner that feature locally sourced ingredients?  These days going local is something that a lot of people value.  Denver is a city where people really care about supporting local businesses and you’re going to find local products used at all the best establishments.  So why exactly do… Continue Reading

Need the Best Denver Restaurants for Birthdays

If you have a birthday coming up, you may be looking for a great restaurant to celebrate with friends and family.  We hope you consider coming to The Nickel, we’re among the best Denver restaurants for birthdays. The Nickel offers private dining in our Wine Cellar, which is a fantastic option for groups.  You can… Continue Reading

Are You Using OpenTable Denver?

OpenTable Denver is a fantastic tool for foodies and it you aren’t already using it, definitely check it out soon!  They also offer an app so you can use OpenTable Denver conveniently from your phone.  Even if you aren’t a connoisseur of food and just need to make a reservation, it’s a great tool. OpenTable… Continue Reading

The Best Denver Restaurants for Lunch

Lunch is an often overlooked meal.  Breakfast and dinner always get lots of attention, but many people skip lunch completely because they’re busy working and can’t take a break.  At The Nickel we think the mid-day meal is just as important, that’s why we’re among the best Denver restaurants for lunch. We know that lunch… Continue Reading

Looking for Charcuterie Board Ideas?

If you’re planning a dinner party at home and want to serve charcuterie, then we suggest you join us at The Nickel first to research charcuterie board ideas.  We offer a fantastic menu of carefully curated items, both imported and domestic, as well as house made offerings.  What better way to create your own memorable… Continue Reading

The Best Denver Bars for Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Barrel-aged cocktails have become a big trend in recent years and you can find them at many of the best Denver bars, including The Nickel.  If you’ve never enjoyed this unique style of cocktail, please join us soon and see what all the buzz is about! The practice of aging alcoholic beverages to develop their… Continue Reading