Best Restaurants in Denver for Late Lunch

best restaurants in Denver for late lunchLet’s face it, with the busy days and long work hours most people have these days, many of us end up skipping lunch. But you need to stay fueled in order to keep up with your demanding schedule so we invite you to join us at The Nickel.  We’re one of the best restaurants in Denver for late lunch, which is available every day from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Our menu is filled with fantastic choices made in the Rocky Mountain comfort cuisine style that we are known for.  We place a strong emphasis on featuring locally sourced ingredients, including meats, cheeses, produce and even our coffee beans.  If you’re looking for a lighter choice, we suggest our Nickel Cobb Salad which comes topped with deviled eggs.  If you’re a vegetarian we recommend the Grilled Asparagus Sandwich, made with pimento cheese and 16 grain bread.  And if you’re joining us for a late lunch and just want something small, you might enjoy the daily soup or chef’s selection of charcuterie.

When it comes to eating a great meal, we say better late than never.  So stop going hungry during the day and come to one of the best restaurants in Denver for late lunch.

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